Brymbo autumn progress report


Progress report July/August/September 2016

We have been continuing to apply grass and ballast to boards 1 and 2 and have almost finished these two. There is a small amount of detail grass / weeds /  flowers  etc., to apply to get the look we want. We have used a combination of lichen and yellow scatter to make quite effective looking gorse bushes near the embankment at the rear of the layout.. The layering method we have used gives a very realistic looking grass. Some weathering needs to be applied to various areas as well.

We have started to put layered grass on board 3 now and will be adding ballast to the track as well. On the next Saturday session in September we will assemble all 3 boards, and check the operation of all the track, lights and lifts and tipplers etc. We will also then see what is to do next.